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Rev. Dr. Natalie Vail is a cutting-edge holistic healer whose passion is to bring self-empowerment and rapid transformation to people all over the world. A doctor of oriental medicine and an ordained spiritualist minister, Natalie is a trailblazer in alternative medicine. Not only has Natalie mastered multiple diverse healing modalities, she has also synchronized her learned and natural abilities into a beautiful cohesive whole. Her treatments are multifaceted, reflecting her vast knowledge, while revealing her deep care and dedication towards her 
patients ultimate wellness. Seamlessly combining eastern medicine and other holistic therapies, her powerful treatments provide rapid relief of symptoms while healing at the core level. Her methods are truly magical and empower patients to embody their truest and highest self. She guides her patients in accessing their inner authority, thus allowing them to dive deeper into the path of self-mastery while helping them develop their own intuitive gifts for maximum self-empowerment and lifelong healing.

Services are booked out at a minimum one month in advance.

For more detailed information about her services please visit her website.

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  • Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

    • New Patient: 1st Treatment $150
      First visits are 75 minutes long and entail detailed medical history intake as well as treatment plan, prognosis, and Acupuncture treatment.
    • Returning Patient: Follow-Up Treatment $125
      Make your health a priority by taking advantage of our PACKAGE DISCOUNT: buy 5 sessions and save $105 (only $99 per session) $495 TOTAL
  • Spiritual Counseling / Psychic Reading

       STYLES: Psychic, Spiritual Coaching, Numerology, I Ching Astrology, 
                       Past-Life, Mediumship, Angel Card, Pendulum
       PURPOSE:  to provide in-depth Intuitive Insights, give answers to deep personal questions, 
                           and to offer new perspectives and clarity to understand life's predicaments.

  • Energy Work

    • Signature Healing Session $125
      Assessment and diagnostic overview of the general state and health of your chakras and electromagnetic field. Clearing, Balancing, and Positive Reprogramming for Body, Mind and Soul.  Includes aromatherapy with therapeutic essential oil application. Our most in-depth and powerful service for people seeking breakthroughs and deep spiritual healing. Sessions include a psychic reading, energy clearing, chakra balancing, aromatherapy with therapeutic essential oil application and guided meditation. 



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